Artists in Residence: Ryan Jordan
DO, 01.09.2016

Ryan Jordan is an electronic noise artist whose work explores noise and a literal approach to DIY. He will be in Linz from September 1st till September 11th and he will perform live at STWST48x2 on friday at 9pm.

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Artists in Residence: Nicolas Montgermont
DO, 18.08.2016

Nicolas Montgermont explores the physicality of waves in different forms. He will be on board of Messschiff Eleonore from August 15 till 25.

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Artists in Residence: Sarah Grant & Danja Vasiliev
DI, 09.08.2016

Sarah Grant is a Brooklyn-based media artist, educator and a recently licensed HAM Radio
Operator. Danja Vasiliev is a critical Engineer born in Saint-Petersburg, currently living and working in Berlin. They are in Linz from August 6 till August 21.

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Artists in Residence: Eva Ursprung
MI, 03.08.2016

Eva Ursprung lives and works in Graz/Austria and will be in Linz, on board of Eleonore from August 1 till August 9.

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Artists in Residence: KARKATAG collective
DI, 02.08.2016

Das KARKATAG Kollektiv aus Belgrad ist von 15. Juli - 15. August zu Gast in Linz.

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