A.I.R. Floating Lab - Maruska Polakova / Miriam Velacott / Nanouche Oriano (CZ/ UK/ F)
MO, 01.07.2013


01. - 13. Juli
Maruska Polakova (CZ)
Miriam Velacott (UK)
Nanouche Oriano (F)
Afloat a Boundary

„A moored ship is a strange dormant creature, a curious stranded whale, lingering on the boundary between land, water and air. She holds all the promise of travel and adventure, yet lies still, in contemplation, deserted, waiting for someone to wake her from hibernation.“
Maruska Polakova, Miriam Velacott and Nanouche Oriano are three artists from different nationalities, with mixed backgrounds in performing arts, visual arts and media arts.
In the research/exploration, they will have recourse to experimental dance, Butoh dance philosophy, mime and puppets. This will be further supported by drawings, written texts, photographs, video, sound recordings and media art experiments.
The relationship between passengers, the ship and its environment is the main focus about the exploration. The three of them intend to surround the boat as if it were a living creature, so they consider the collaboration to be between four persons: One ship and three women.

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