A.I.R. THE HARD - Ce Quimera
FR, 01.08.2014


1. August 2014 to 14. August 2014
Messschiff Eleonore, Am Winterhafen, 4020 Linz

CE QUIMERA (Argentinia/Spain)
"There is no body without F[R]ICTION" – Mutant body architecture with f(r)ictional sound elements

This performance aims to be an attempt to create a new subjective fiction of body. Building on earlier work carried out in the laboratory Quimera Rosa, around subjectivity and sexuality, where the body mutates by the incorporation of prosthesis. During this residence I want to experiment a kind of prosthetic reversal,
where the modification of bodily boundaries is not by a sum of prosthesis attached to the body but by contact with the environment. Basing on the spatial notion of architecture, I want to experiment forms of body modification in which the space is expanding and the body goes into friction with it. It's not just the flesh mixed with the plastic but the flesh mixed with the environment. The flesh becomes plastic. The flesh becomes space. Playing on the border between body/environment, reality/fiction, human/machine, lesh/plastic, touch/sound...

Ce Quimera 

Cecilia Puglia González. Argentina/Spain.
Degree in Social Anthropology / UBA (Argentina)
Stage, dance and art movement training applied to performance, contemporary dance, release, Butoh, body weather...
Since 2008, after the release of Quimera Rosa Lab (co-founded with Yan Rey), I have been focusing my corporal and research work on post-identity gender politics. The last few years I have incorporated new tools to my performance and video-making works, such as noise and electronics. I work on transdisciplinary performance based on the articulation between bodies and technologies.
Makes the body a platform for public intervention and conceives identity as an artistic and technological creation. My work is based on a hybridization between body-art and media-art, emphasising the processual and experimental research dimensions. We are specially interested in the articulations between art, science & technology, and their function in the production of subjectivities.
My work have been exhibited in national and international art centers, universities, festivals and museums.
C.V. extended: http://quimerarosa.tumblr.com/bio



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