Suncica Pasuljevic (SR) - Napon
FR, 27.03.2015   18:00 Uhr

Institute for Flexible Cultures and Technologies – NAPON is a non-profit organization based in Novi Sad/Serbia.

NAPON’s activities are fields of social and cultural practices, information and communication technologies (ICT) and recent official and unofficial media and cultural history. Besides dealing with global questions, the Institute is also oriented towards cultural problems emerged in local and regional history. Novi Sad is the first Serbian city that the Danube river reaches. Being created on coasts of the Danube, its development took place around this river, but also greatly depends on it. Throughout the history, the Danube shaped city of Novi Sad into a multicultural place. Artist and cultural organizations of this city try to includes Danube in it's rich and diverse art scene through art projects and artistic research. First focus of this lecture will be on cultural practice of Institute for Flexible Cultures and Technologies – NAPON as organizer and producer of various events that doesn't involve Danube directly but remains open to it and tries to create opportunities for new practices in the field of art & science that may or may not include it. Second part of the lecture will shortly introduce the current state of Novi Sad art scene and art projects that include

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