A.I.R. infodetox: Fermentlab
DI, 18.08.2015

[Ferment Lab]

18. August 2015 to 1. September 2015
Messschiff Eleonore

Agnieszka Pokrywka (Helsinki):
[Ferment Lab] proposes “a participatory, multi-locative space for food and social fermentation focused on exploration of intertwines between bacterial and human culture”.

Artist in Residency: Summer 2015 residency @ Station Messschiff Eleonore, Linz, Austria.

Selected Artists:

Bioni Samp

aTxE & La Pelos

Agnieszka Pokrywka


Organised by Stadwerkstatt

Convert yourself into E-waste, compost yourself, consult earth worms for empowering, chase honeybees for weather report, send your mobile on a slow boat to China, set your electric sheep free range, tune in to ghostradio, locate yourself with smell of home cooking, eat your data raw, bake your own cookie, make your own bed, hand over your hangover, take a dip in the Danube, check into the underwater eel hotel, take part in the infoDETOX Eleonore summer residency 2015.
In 2015, Stadtwerkstatt, the nerve central of Linz’ free/open culture takes up “the nature of information” as matters of inquiry and launches infoLAB to house its many ongoing information research projects. For Stadtwerkstatt who always presents a reference to the established system, an information laboratory is a challenge of the presence.  Parallel to infoLAB, the infoDETOX residency admits free/open sources of information, randomness as a form of non-information and meaningless information without conclusive arguments. We propose to  verify a world of logics-based reality, create a reference system through the world of dreams in which exists no distinction or abstraction of situations, no symmetries, no mirroring, no context of art, no togetherness or loneliness. It is a world without compromise, a world that dreams greets reality and technology is treated with great caution.
We selected three residency projects submitted through open calls.

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