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DI, 02.08.2016


The Hydrofemme in Four Acts

A RADIO ACTIVE - SINK and SWIM Eleonore summer residency 2016 project 
by Ming LIN and Elaine W. HO
A radio operetta, variety show and audio symposium with FM broadcast and netstreams on Radio FRO (Linz) and Radio Helsinki (Graz)
2-5 August 2016, 00:00-01:30 nightly 
From the South China Sea to the Danube river, minor ripples become the waves by which the hydrofemme contests the neocolonial frontiers of water in defense of an oceanic commons of substance and thought. 
WIDOW RADIO CHING rewrites a fragmented and amorphous ode to the hydrofemme as a sonic essay in (radio) waves, transmitting her as a multi-headed heroine who traces the fissures between bottom-up social organization and top-down politico-economic power. Weaving together textual narrative, sound works, and dialogue with invited guests, WIDOW RADIO CHING will unfold in four acts following a trajectory of queer time ? divested of concrete future aims and abandoning overarching, streamlined narratives of the hope and optimism that govern our contemporary political, economic and environmental ecosystems. Beginning from the critical dystopia that is our science fiction present, migration, extraterritoriality and environmental degradation shall take new course expanding upon feminine myths of liquidity, fluid identity and alter-sovereignty in labour.

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